Volkmar “Overture Macabre” (Demo – 2007)

A nice short demo that amply demonstrates this up and coming band’s arsenal. This is an interesting exercise in rocking gloomy metal. There is a cloak of darkness over the entire thing, and rather than coming across like the whining and sad caterwauling of typical gothic metal, this sounds threatening. You know, like those bands from the mid-80’s that had an undercurrent of violence in their taut guitar bass drum (and synth) setup. This also benefits from a sense of history as the band appears to have heard the 90’s dark and black metal boom (Moonspell, Samael, Enslaved), besides the obvious bows at the altars of Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus and Fields of Nephilim.

“Eyes Sewn Shut” begins the assault with driving backbone and rewards with calmer yet blacker mid-section before returning to the beat/ riff barrage. “Walk with Me” continues the gothic mosh, with a vintage dark chord progression. “Journey Below” shows another side to the band’s sound. A bit slower, a bit moodier with an esoteric anthemic chorus you may find yourself humming at the next black mass.

The guitars are simple and straightforward but perfect for the rather catchy and dark songwriting. When the crunchy noir-riffs are complemented with the spooky synths and the vintage drumkit, it is indeed an enjoyable spin, with the singer painting tales of horror, the occult and morbidity in his rather grim yet melodic baritone, we have a little gem of modern goth.

It is only four songs (plus one short horror movie mood piece at the end) but it gets the job done. I have heard that the debut album proper will have a much better production. If so, Vision Bleak et al should get ready for the competition.



Release:  2007
Label:  Self-released
Avantgenre:  Evil Rock
Duration:  21:52
Origin:  Australia
Official site: http://www.myspace.com/volkmarsins
Review online since:  02.02.2008 / 10:56:55


01 – Eyes Sewn Shut
02 – Walk With Me
03 – Journey Below
04 – White Heaven
05 – Uneasiness of the Mind

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