National Sunday Law “La Storia Di Cannibali” (2009)

National Sunday Law’s debut is an enthralling blend of blissful, emotional atmosphere and refreshing soundscapes, punctuated with thick, meaty poundings of semi-thrashing and power-tube dissonance. The album as a whole is much akin to flying at a single elevation: This can include soaring over oceans, cities, and plains in a brisk whirlwind, or being smashed into mountains and Tokyo skyscrapers. All is painless; all is numbness; all is warmth. As saccharine as Sigur Ros, blissful as Jesu, smashing as Neurosis, and purging as Wolves in the Throne Room. The primary drawback to the album, however, is inherent in nearly everything, albeit monochromatic: all elements could be increased to increase the bliss. More of everything (layering, dissonance, aggression, harmony) would make the next release the perfect compliment. In true Dr. Pepper fashion, many flavors creating a singular drink, none overwhelming another.
Now, off to church with you, avantgardeners!

La Storia Di Cannibali:

And God said,
00100001”, and there was light upon the Earth.

For the greenblades of the fields cannot remain in their Viridian shade which the Lord hath painted them, nor can they remain sharp to share and divide and devour the tusks which have been drawn through them.

These are the numbers under the digital sun which hath been carved from the Isis, and the Pelican, and the Cult of Luna from the Northern hills, in His likeness. For they are not their parts, as Eve was not the Same as Adam, those whom He hath created first in Eden.

And He saw that it was good, and euphoric, and put the City of the Angels to a certain state of Sedation.

And of the Angels, the disciples of the digital sun came forth. And they spoke their names unto Him, the first saying, “I am Derek, of Donley. I have spared little tusk from the gluttonous field of greenblades; only enough I carry to invoke the Heart of thy air to beat, and to speak thy Word unto the Dead Horse.”

The second then spoke: “I am Darin, of Tambasco in the West, near Bethlehem. I am a humble Weaver of the string-notes, and I also carry thy Word unto the Dead Horse.”
And He saw their cause just, and that they did depart into a state of the Thrash, and of the minds of Death and Dissonance. The Lord gave them their daily Thrashing of the Dead Horse, and the digital Sun radiated brighter.

And He saw the Dead Horse begin to rot, and that the disciples would become ill. So he said unto them, “My only son is set to die for the sins of Mankind. Partake of his Flesh, and of his Blood, so that you may be healthy to spread my Word to the world.”

And the disciples went across the fields of deadened goldenblades, and of synthetic soil, to pay respect to God’s only begotten Son. Twelve they were, and they gathered under the cool mist of His blood. He cried with joy as they cooled themselves with the chilly red spray, where the Romans had forced their spears, and their stakes. They understood that He was the last of an organic aeon, and ended it with a communional feast of His flesh. And the flesh was still hot from the Sun’s electricity; and it was warm with the

Holiness of the last cellular life.

The Earth became warm as the blissful Summer, and the disciples placed the cold carcass of Yeshua on a frozen gurney, and rolled him into the iron Earth. And his Love was forevermore taught through the spirits of the Disciples Derek and Darin, holy vanguards of the City of the Angels. Requiescat in pace.

-C. L. Edwards


Release:  January 2009
Label:  None
Avantgenre:  Benevolent Cannibal Happiness
Duration:  60:24
Origin:  United States of America
Official site:
Review online since:  25.01.2009 / 00:00:09


01 – We Dragged Our Tusks For Miles And Miles Before The Plains Devoured Them
02 – Dead Horse
03 – Seconds Left
04 – To Hell With You
05 – Down The Ocean
06 – Strong And Mighty Like An Oak
07 – Anthropophagy
08 – And They Fly Too Close To The Sun Like Icarus
09 – The Story Of Cannibals


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