Locrian “The Crystal World” (2010)

There’s a man, tormenting me each time I look at myself in the mirror.
He dresses well, with a white bow tie and a black suite.
He has no face, or at least I can’t manage to focus on it.
He touches me, talks to me, laughs.
He says I should pay attention to him, he would like me to listen to him.
He thinks my life is going to the dogs and soon I’ll become like him.
A shade, opaque, reflecting in my feelings of guilt.
Last time, he asked me after you.
He wanted me to describe you, thoroughly.
Even the tone of your voice was object of his interest.
I was unable to answer.
He laughed, and put his hands on my shoulders.
Then he asked me what counted more for me in my life.
Since then, I stopped looking at myself in the mirror.

I wonder if someone else sees me in his or her own mirror, now.
A shade, opaque, reflecting in that someone’s feelings of guilt.

-Marco Guerra Avitabile


Release:  2010
Label:  Utech Records
Avantgenre:  Resounding Reflections Of Humanoid Shaped Guiltness
Duration:  47:43
Origin:  U.S.A.
Official site:  http://www.myspace.com/thelocrian
Review online since:  08.06.2011 / 19:29:53


01 – Triumph Of Elimination
02 – At Night’s End
03 – The Crystal World
04 – Pathogens
05 – Obsidian Facades
06 – Elevations And Depths
07 – Extinction

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