Locrian “Return to Annihilation” (2013)

Soaring slowly, blissfully, high above desolate landscapes. A parking lot covered with water. A drained swimming pool in a garden overgrown with weeds. Mankind left, and nature encroaches, unhindered. The sounds of civilization silently collapsing, and the ghostly echoes reverberating among the ruins for decades to come.

Mixtures of obsolete technologies, analogue loops and synthesizers, droning, dreaming guitar cloudscapes, towering post-rock doom, tribal monotonous drums, the shattering but pathetic screams of ghosts who do not know that they are dead, or simply haven’t died yet, harsh winds crawling, chanting… shimmering, shivering and crystalline harmonies slowly dying. As mournful as it is beautiful.

LOCRIAN move through what at a first glance appear to be different landscapes. But when you look closer, it rather seems that it is the same landscape, viewed from different points of view, from the birds soaring high above the landscape to the cockroach crawling midst the rubble, and from different points in time, the same objects seen from the instant of their creation, from now, from the centuries to come and the annihilation everything is leaping towards.

How Ballardian. How wonderful.



Release:  2013
Label:  Relapse Records
Avantgenre:  Echoes Of Collapse
Duration:  60min
Origin:  USA
Official site:  None
Review online since:  31.08.2013 / 15:35:40


Part I
1. Eternal Return
2. A Visitation From The Wrath Of Heaven
3. Two Moons
4. Return To Annihilation
4a. Into One Light
4b. Anathemata
4c. All Mineral In Upheaval

Part II
5. Exiting The Hall Of Vapor And Light
6. Panorama Of Mirrors
7. Obsolete Elegies
7a. Isostasy
7b. Digression Of Air
7c. Hydriotaphia
7d. In Felsic Splendor

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