In the Woods… “Omnio” (1997)

If I were a director (or as the French say: metteur en scène) I’d use each song of this album for the following scenes (in different movies). Fortunately I am not Michael Haneke, who is well known for using sound very carefully in his movies.

Scene one, 14:50: Scene where the hero takes revenge by slaughtering the entire force of evil but suddenly realizes that he has lost his voice, being a hero and an opera singer this results in deep depression. He then walks alone on a beach, has some flashbacks of the great cakes his grandmother used to make exclusively for him and then the camera fades to the horizon and credits are shown.

Scene two, 7:10: Scene where the female star, being a successful business woman in New York comes home and finds the kitchen in a total mess. She then leaves her apartment abruptly and uses her cell phone.

Scene three, 3:37: Scene where a little girl that used to be a little girl in her former life strolls through an empty school building.

Scene four, 5:57: Scene where the actors all wear black costumes, pretend to listen to a Brahms concert in the Musikvereinssaal but are all deaf. And tattooed.

Scene five, 8:10: Scene where a guy with Aids laughs manically at a first-aid-kit that is attached to the wall at an airport full of people.

Scene six, 12:03: Scene from a porn movie where the masks are all played by bad actors. They all perform well from a pornographic point of view.

Scene seven, 11:43: Scene from a documentary about the history of alpinism, where actors dressed like 1890 talk about the differences of ropes.

-Jonny Lignano


Release:  1997
Label:  Misanthropy Records
Avantgenre:  Wood
Duration:  01:03:08
Origin:  Norway
Official site:
Review online since:  15.07.2007 / 12:10:27


01 – 299 796 Km/s
02 – I Am Your Flesh
03 – Kairos!
04 – Weeping Willow
05 – Omnio? – Pre
06 – Omnio? – Bardo
07 – Omnio? – Post

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