Ikuinen Kaamos “Fall of Icons” (2010)

Continuing the trend of Finish avant-garde black metal from last week’s Oranssi Pazuzu, this week we present to you with the similarly placed, similarly skilled and similarly styled quintet of Ikuinen Kaamos.

The idea of truly progressive black metal is one which is becoming rather familiar to those keeping up with the scene; the likes of Klabautamann, Enslaved and Ne Obliviscaris giving us hyper-technical black metal sections with contrasting acoustic interludes. Although not blazing any new ground with their second full-length, ‘Fall Of Icons’, they present us with another gem to add to the pile of great releases the relatively young genre has to offer.

Featuring five songs with the shortest one being 7:46, the band give themselves the time to develop their songs to the full extent that they are capable. This is especially shown on the longest track, ‘Apart’ which really shows off their songwriting skills with great pacing and variation.

All members are obviously virtuosos, excepting possibly the bass as you can’t make it out enough to tell. The guitar playing is at once very melodic and technical, displaying their matured skill through electric and often flamenco-styled acoustic passages. The drumwork is intelligent throughout; placing blast-beats only where needed and keeping a good amount of variation in the rhythms and fills.

The vocals vary between black metal screams, death metal gutturals and clean singing. All three carried out well, with special mention to the clean singing for the interesting voice; quite nasal and rather unique, but well fitted.

If you are into any of the bands previously or wish to get an insight into what seems to be direction that black metal is taking, then Ikuinen Kaamos’ ‘Fall Of Icons’ is highly recommended.

-Simon Brand


Release:  2010
Label:  Maddening Media
Avantgenre:  Avant-Progressive Black Metal
Duration:  54:12
Origin:  Finland
Official site:  http://www.ikuinenkaamos.net/
Review online since:  27.01.2010 / 17:22:34


01 – Indoctrination Of The Lost
02 – Statues
03 – In Ruins
04 – Condemned
05 – Apart

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