Herrschaft “Tesla” (2008)

Our world is made of two parts: Before, and after the reign of human race. This is the main concept of “Tesla”, an invitation to join HERRSCHAFTs trip to discover those two worlds. Hailing from France, this collective already attracted attention with their latest EP “Architects Of The Humanicide”, which led to the deal with code666 last year. Now they unleash again a mix of modern Black Metal and harsh EBM, divided into “The Sterilized World”, dealing with the high tech, sterile and nearly perfect society, and “The Chaotic Landscapes”, the downfall of man and the ruins left behind, close to movies like “Mad Max”, “12 Monkey” or “Blade Runner”.

Musicwise HERRSCHAFT can easily compared with acts like THE KOVENANT, …AND OCEANS, VNV NATION and DEATHSTARS, the dark and cold synthesizer sounds fuse with the rhythm guitars to build a futuristic kind of electro metal. The music on “Tesla” is – like on most electro metal releases – on the one hand extreme and aggressive, then on the other changing to a dark atmosphere, containing also danceable parts (“The Defenders” for example, surprising with a straight electronic beat). On “Valliant” the black metal influences shine through, “Nemesis” is the opposite song and comes with a melancholic temper and only a few metal parts.

Tesla is a very diversified album, combining all elements of a typical electro metal release, with a little Gothic and EBM touch. The only negative point is that the songs sound too similar, most parts don’t get a hook in the ear and need a few repeats. But this is the attraction “Tesla” provides, to discover it over and over again, and get amazed by this soundtrack to the human apocalypse, lovers of electro metal should check it out in any case.



Release:  04.04.2008
Label:  Code666
Avantgenre:  Electronic Body Metal
Duration:  53:55
Origin:  France
Official site:  http://www.h-noise.com
Review online since:  03.08.2008 / 13:37:03


01 – Valliant
02 – Human Soul
03 – The Grand Architects
04 – Under Perfect Control
05 – The Defenders
06 – Tesla
07 – Nemesis
08 – I Am The One
09 – Chaostructure
10 – Apocalypse Child
11 – Vortex
* – Uber Alles [Hidden Track]

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