Havohej “Kembantinan Premaster” (2009)

6 6 6 Left hand guides to the basement.
6 The audial essence of pure darkness.
6 Sounds beyond hate, beyond scorn, beyond…

Monotonous, machine-like pulsing perverted boiling blood.
Minimalism near non-existence. Dehumanized rancorous throat-abuse.
Strings incinerated, only deranged murmurs echo.

Opened, the mouth of the abyss.
Shapeless roars tumbling listlessly through furnaces.
No structure. No pity. No humanity.

Shrill bells toll somewhere far away.
Paul Ledney carves a new path.
Black “Metal” like nothing heard before.

Industrial in a sense; scorching loops.
No riffs. Only drums, voice, MURMURS.
The shape of BLACK to come.

Throbbing pitch black piss spitting NOTHING.
Void of SOUND. Mystagogue preaching BASEMENT.
Left hand guides to new light.

No light left. That is all. 6 6 6



Release:  July 13th, 2009
Label:  Hells Headbangers Records
Avantgenre:  Unholy Black Perversion
Duration:  Infinity
Origin:  usa
Official site:  http://www.myspace.com/havohejofficial
Review online since:  15.12.2009 / 22:00:23


I. Kembatinan Premaster
Ii. Pious Breath
Iii. Bloud And Souls
Iv. Melancholike
V. Bloud Of The Word
Vi. Sundowning (Destroie Men And Beasts With Lookes)
Vii. Hatefull Unto God
Viii. Homerica Medicatio

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