Fantomas “Suspended Animation” (2005)

Talking about noise here. If Tracy Chapman were taking Acid, had an affair with John Cale, a filthy threesome with John Cleese and that chick from Pirates of the Carribbean 3 and had to make an album out of her experiences (including a bungee jump off the Empire State Building, consecutively eating fish for 13 weeks and living next to a church with a bell that rings every 3,1415 minutes) I guess her album would sound something like the Fantomas album I hereby review. When calling the album noise, I am well aware of the difference between the nose and the noise. For those two things are something completely different, the first being an organ (not the instrument), the second being waves (no particles involved whatsoever!) that enter one ear and leave the other after a certain period of time (which theoretically can last from 0,04 seconds to up to 57 years) hereby defined as LoTiH (Length of Time in Head).

The Faith No More-well-known Mike Patton (“The next song has 4 letters in its title and starts with an E.” anyone?) earns several adjectives for this album that are commonly used for drugs when you are an addict, water when strolling through a desert for 54 weeks or sugar if you dig desserts. Of course there are more people involved in making this piece of contemporary music but I don’t feel like citing the record inlet or reproduce text that can easily be found via

The album has got a LoTiH (see above) of exactly 12 years 134 days 18 hours 6 minutes and roughly 42 seconds.

– Jonny Lignano


Release:  2005
Label:  Ipecac Recordings
Avantgenre:  Noise Infested Carnival Pop
Duration:  43:34
Origin:  USoA
Official site:  None
Review online since:  01.07.2007 / 21:23:36


01: 04/01/05 Friday
02: 04/02/05 Saturday
03: 04/03/05 Sunday
04: 04/04/05 Monday
05: 04/05/05 Tuesday
06: 04/06/05 Wednesday
07: 04/07/05 Thursday
08: 04/08/05 Friday
09: 04/09/05 Saturday
10: 04/10/05 Sunday
11: 04/11/05 Monday
12: 04/12/05 Tuesday
13: 04/13/05 Wednesday
14: 04/14/05 Thursday
15: 04/15/05 Friday
16: 04/16/05 Saturday
17: 04/17/05 Sunday
18: 04/18/05 Monday
19: 04/19/05 Tuesday
20: 04/20/05 Wednesday
21. 04/21/05 Thursday
22. 04/22/05 Friday
23. 04/23/05 Saturday
24. 04/24/05 Sunday
25. 04/25/05 Monday
26. 04/26/05 Tuesday
27. 04/27/05 Wednesday
28. 04/28/05 Thursday
29. 04/29/05 Friday
30. 04/30/05 Saturday


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