Blackdrone Inc. “Blackdrone, Inc.” (2009)

BLACKDRONE INC. is a band comprised of Lord Fraktal (the guitar mad italian guy), Nihil (Joey Hopkins, RIP – the US electronics master), and Mr. Graviton (another US man of Vesperian Construct fame). There’s a mention also to Zweizz who contributes with samples.

We are presented with a set of three tracks, the second the only one with (blackmetallish) vocals, all of them featuring a multilayered sound disciple of the creation through destruction principle. With this I refer to the sound modulation done by Joey Hopkins, which is omnipresent throughout the demo/ep and sometimes gives a twist to the sound of guitars and/or whatever that is strongly responsible for the tracks’ otherworldly feel.

Anyway, the guitar riffs are extraterrestrial by themselves even with the black metal flavour, and I have no problem with most of the playing time being instrumental. Indeed, I prefer the two instrumental tracks, being the opening track the one of my choice. There is also some synth ambiences here and there, and the synthetic drums fit perfectly with the glitchy and catchy noises/modulation/fills, and both “instruments” together make an awesome base for the tracks.

This first track invokes the listener right into the eye of a technological hurricane, with the first two minutes consisting of straight chaos, with an exquisite futuristic arpeggio and a succession of energic riffs that develop in a blastbeated and gated pounding riff. From there and onwards the track becomes a bit more atmospheric but without losing intensity and weirdness.

The second track starts with a more industrial sound but soon unleashes its black metal attack. Still, we have the all-over sound manipulation that sneaks into the guitar tracks, infecting the track with warping and alien fills. The track’s deconstruction spreads like a desease from start to end.

Third track. Faster riffs again. The guitar riffs on this track are so sick and decadent that the track is good just by that. Add some nice electronic bases and noises/ambiences to the mix and you have an awesome track.

Conclussion: This experiment of mixing together weird and dark guitar riffs with an electronic base comprised of programmed drums with a deliberate synthetic sound and electronica, with ambient synths and sounds, proves worthy here. The uncertainty of the continuation of the project is a pity, but at least we have this cd to keep as if it was gold (or safer).

Warning: side effects of listening might include confussion, dissorientation, dizzyness, euphoria and hallucinations. Might develop an addiction.




Release:  2009
Label:  Self-released
Avantgenre:  Black Electronoisica Metal
Duration:  20:07
Origin:  Italy – United States
Official site:
Review online since:  12.01.2010 / 12:41:22


01 – Black Old Journey
02 – Half Light Hysteria
03 – The Key


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