Between the Buried and Me “The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues” (2011)

The very recent EP of BtBaM does not sound very different than their previous records. The reason for the release of this EP, it seems, is to celebrate their signing with Metal Blade.

I sometimes cannot help but think that sometimes metal bands and labels seem to assume that we, fans, are meat-heads, and cannot really tell what is a good album or not, and will buy/listen to anything our fave bands produce. Well… I first realized it when I broke my commitment to Megadeth. They were my childhood bands, and I simply admired everything they produced. But then, years later, when Mustaine went silly and declared himself as re-born Christian and started producing those weird albums, I felt that I just lost him. I am sure this is a very familiar feeling for most of you whether it is Megadeth or some other band.

I start to feel that a very similar destiny is also written for me and BtBaM. This happens all the time: your favorite band signs up with a major label, and suddenly something changes! I kept listening to this EP trying to deny that that would never happen to BtBaM, but I consistently and continuously failed to show that.

‘Parallax’ is still a representetive record for BtBaM. It is examplifies the melodic and avant-garde side of the band. Their enjoyable mixture of two opposite vocal styles, their psycho rythms and the fact that they write such long songs are still there. Nevertheless, if I was about to experience BtBaM, I wouldn’t start from this EP.

-Can Baskent


Release:  April 2011
Label:  Metal Blade
Avantgenre:  Intriguing Melodic Metal
Duration:  30:02
Origin:  USA
Official site:
Review online since:  04.04.2011 / 04:04:51


01 – Specular Reflection
02 – Augment Of Rebirth
03 – Lunar Wilderness

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