Ayin Aleph “I” (2008)

“The music of Ayin Aleph is at the confluence of very different styles: metal, baroque and German 19th Century romantic music.” That’s what her homepage says and I have to confess that’s true. There ARE very different types of music that form Ayin’s compositions. First of all, I have to say:”Good job!” for she composed every single line herself, wrote all the lyrics and sang every part of this. YEAH, EVERY PART. Someone listening to her music now may wonder: “But there’s a deep male voice in it, isn’t it? In some songs?” Yes, there is and according to her homepage she sang that part, as well. Impressive. So all in all she can sing very very high operatic vocals, male vocals and certain grunts. Her voice surely is avantgarde, her voice defines avantgarde. However, there are just as many who love their voice for being so unique as there are people who hate her voice for sounding so strange. That’s your own decision, that depends on your personal taste. I can’t tell if you can stand her singing, I can, I love it. Make up your own impression. Apart from this, the music itself is a nice package combining metal and classical music in a very own personal way. Ayin Aleph surely created her own genre with this album. At least I don’t know any band or musician who could be compared to her. The best words to describe the album are: lunacy, madness, craziness… just as crazy as her lyrics, which are mysterious and poetic. Hard to understand, but nice to hear, nice to read. All lyrics are written in English with some drops of German, Spanish, French and even Swedish, so you should definitely grab a lyrics sheet, because they’re sometimes difficult to understand (audible). 

Altogether a weird album by a weird woman worth to check out, at least.

Songs you should listen to:
– I Miss You (strange ballad)
– Valpurgis Night
– My Bloody Marriage

-Kevin Reichel


Release:  2008
Label:  Invencis Limited
Avantgenre:  Baroque Metal
Duration:  1:19:42
Origin:  France
Official site:  None
Review online since:  15.09.2009 / 14:00:07


01 – Hamlet
02 – My Bloody Marriage
03 – Aleph
04 – Grey Ashes
05 – Butterfly
06 – Bridge
07 – Valpurgis Night
08 – Sebastian’s Prayer
09 – Army Of Love
10 – My Bloody Marriage II
11 – The Purchase Of The Cathedral
12 – Black Roses
13 – *
14 – Es Muss Sein
15 – Alcove Rhapsody
16 – I Came
17 – Greed
18 – The End
19 – I Miss You

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