Avicularia “Born to Be Vial”

Hey you regular death metal fan there, fuck off!

-Confucius 490 BC 

Who is better than Vader because Vader play simple boring thrash metal a bit louder?
Who is better than Lamb of God because they LoG have those redneck tattoos?
Who is better than Morbid angel because they don’t live in the past?
Who is better than Cannibal Corpse because you can seance something behind the pounding?
Who is better than Kataklysm cuz U’ve heard them even before they existed?


Personally yeah! …succubus,succubus…

They don’t play the new wave of american shit metal, nor the old sweedish boring metal. …succubus,succubus…

Avicularia’s “Born to be Vile” album is certainly on the extreme side of things, the title of the album may trick you into considering this an ordinary death metal album, but the music speaks it’s own language. It is a tricky task indeed to describe this kind of music as it has much to do with some things we’ve already seen, but it’s brought into a more chaotic level, just as we like it, or? …succubus,succubus…

The music is driven by equally maniacal/confusing/(eyehate the word)technical/chaotic guitar riffing and drumwork shifting between those fast chaotic parts and short passages of a slower pace, just as if you were running then falling, getting up and running further, over and over again. The brakes are not of a Meshuggah/Decapitated style dubbed with silence, but are kind of noisy, filled with sound, feedback or cymbals which gives all of it a more tense feeling. One of my favorite things about this albums (except some affection for a doomy riff here and there) are guitar and bass miniatures, they tend to be very atonal! there A great one can be found on the title track of the album. The effect of the melody can be compared with the one of Mayhem’s “Illuminate Eliminate” although they have no obvious connection apart from their hypnotizing effect. A great thing about the music generally are the vocals, a growling one and a screaming one, both are equally used and they sometimes fill in for each other….succubus,succubus…

I’ve seen them live, last time they were opening for Quo Vadis, eventough I was quite exhausted that day I managed to enjoy their live performance, it’s very interesting to actually see how it looks like when the guy’s are playing it. The band should have named themselves “Avicularia’s flying finger circus” or something similar, I hope there will be a video of some sort out soon!

Oh and may I notice, this piece of music is very very clearly produced, one can just enjoy the great sound on his HiFi, ofcourse while listening to an audio CD, not that mp3 shit hehe! …succubus,succubus…

“Death metal fuck off…succubus,succubus…”

-vUlv 325 BC 



Release:  May 2009
Label:  Croatia Records
Avantgenre:  It Bites!
Duration:  Cca 45 Min
Origin:  Croatia
Official site:  http://www.myspace.com/aviculariaband
Review online since:  25.06.2009 / 11:38:32


01 – Intro
02 – Anthem To Arms
03 – Confrontation
04 – Stand By
05 – Born To Be Vile
06 – Succubus
07 – Spiraling Doom
08 – Requiem For Ego

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