Amesoeurs “Amesoeurs” (2009) Review #2

“C’est parce que nous sommes tous des imposteurs que nous nous supportons les uns les autres. Tel qui n’accepterait pas de mentir verrait la terre fuir sous ses pieds: nous sommes biologiquement astreints au faux. […] Si nous avions le courage de regarder en face les doutes que nous concevons timidement sur nous-mêmes, aucun de nous ne proférerait un “je” sans honte”
-Emil Cioran

Certitude is for crazy people – as we can surely mention hearing the only album of Amesoeurs and determining their introverted lyrics. This statement contains all the truth we can be familiar with. There will always be people who’re thinking about only and better way of life but instead of killing ’em all we can let them live in a world made by Varg Vikernes and the whole pagan scene.
Every step we do is the equal with the others, every sound we hear is about ourselves and everything is connected with everything. And Amesoeurs is divine!

You could see the infamous syndrome of Chewbaccah-deduction and before you directly call me a snob wannabe with a mask of a philosopher and without any musical knowledge I have to declare that – yeah, it’s true. But concerning miracles, Amesoeurs is on the top – every bigoted tone-deaf will redefine his life hearing this manifestation of the glorious French crew.

And what shall we imagine? Do you know the main band of Neige, Peste Noire? Yes? In this case forget about crazy thoughts of his extreme patriotic spirituality – yeah, what we could think about his poetic mentality proves to be right. Amesoeurs operates with very self-tormenting ideas that deny themselves before they can manifest, and this way of thinking only gives us a great expressive aesthetic, but this won’t ever ease our burden. This mixture of insane elements of shoegaze, almost habitual inner self-destruction of black metal and a whit experiment of post-punk sound doesn’t let us stay in doubts: this is a masterpiece of (real) bitterness and beauty, soul-consumer beauty. The dramy vocals of Audrey are just the tip of the pleasure, this generates a perfect symmetry with extreme outbursts of Neige. It’s sufficient to hear their self-titled track to get to know new dimensions of delightfulness – but I suggest you to give the whole album a chance once or twice… in a day.

What have I said? Life has new meaning… in this case it isn’t a cliche yet!



Release:  10.03.2009
Label:  Code 666 / Profound Lore
Avantgenre:  Silence Of Snowy Landscape And Doubtful Sun
Duration:  58:23
Origin:  France
Official site:
Review online since:  24.09.2010 / 13:29:19


01 – Gas In Veins
02 – Les Ruches Malades
03 – Heurt
04 – Recueillement
05 – Faux Semblants
07 – Trouble (Éveils Infâmes)
08 – Video Girl
09 – La Reine Trayeuse
10 – Amesoeurs
11 – Au Crépuscule De Nos Rêves

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