Amaranth “You Shine, Beyond Dawn” (2007)

When someone thinks “Doom Metal”, many things can pop into their head. “Boring”, “Drawn out” and “What a stupid name”, but the thing that I have always associated most with the genre is beauty. Atmospheric waves of sheer bliss washing over you, sometimes uplifting, often depressing, but always able to reach human emotions with ease if done correctly, and this is exactly what I feel when listening to Amaranth’s “You Shine, Beyond Dawn”.

This band isn’t your average Doom Metal band, in fact, I would be struggling to call them metal at all. Most of the music is based on layers of clean electric or acoustic guitars playing simple ideas and subtle melodies with abundant use of effects and samples going on, creating a very unique sound. How the hell have I never heard of these guys before?!

Actually, I know the reason for that, this is just a demo from the band, a demo! Production is a little bit noisy and the sound quality is on the crackly side, but the instruments all sound together well and you still get the intended effect. The whole album displays an overwhelming maturity found rarely in experienced bands, let alone neophytic unsigned acts.

Interestingly, there are no drums, vocals or (I think) bass on this release. As I said before, sampling is used extensively with some rather odd usage, such as at the end of “Beyond Dawn” where a sound not unlike an old 8-bit video game character jumping is used on top of the ambience.

Unfortunately, this review is looking to be a bit on the short side. That has nothing to do with the quality of the release, it is due to the music being based almost wholly on the effect it will have on the listener, sending them into a trance while still keeping them focused on the music and my words cannot convey this idea 1% as well as the music can, so this is a very whole-hearted recommendation from me. The release is also free to download here, so what are you waiting for? Go forth and become enchanted.

-Simon Brand 


Release:  2007
Label:  Independent
Avantgenre:  Ambient Electronic Doom
Duration:  41:37
Origin:  Serbia
Official site:  None
Review online since:  15.06.2009 / 12:40:09


01 – You Shine
02 – Beyond Dawn
03 – Meda Pawa


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