Alrakis “Alpha Eri” (2011)

So far, astronomy or cosmology has not given us any reason to believe that there might be a place, somewhere between the eternal clusters of stars and galaxies, that holds a promise of grace, salvation and peace. An apparition so majestic and awe inspiring, that any egotistical measurement instantaneously implodes and leaves room to naught but perfect contentment.

Should there be a point at which we despair to know of such a place, that is the one where this album takes us. Where, despite all the endless means of distraction our “civilized” way of life has empowered us with to draw our attention away from our inner torment, you simply can’t help but wonder and think: in all this vast eternity… what is my worth? Why is my place here? On such an insignificant planet that spins around a, in comparison, laughably small star, enslaved by the laws of physics and, ultimately, to its own demise? Just as we think that that moment is far away and doesn’t affect us, we live our lives completely oblivious to the inevitability of our own deaths although it permanently surrounds us.

While the black metal colleagues of Darkspace cover the fear and terror that may lie in the darker regions of space, and Dol Ammad inspire a colourful and exciting vision of it, Alrakis lay out a soundscape that lets us turn inward in the face of such a magical display of vastness, beauty and epicness. Slow tempoed black metal riffs, ornamented by hypnotic, beautiful and perpetuated melodies, like nebulas decorating the darkness of space, sweep away vocals full of despair and longing that are but flickering sparks in the seemingly endless immensity of the big bang’s aftermath. Keeping track of the individual songs is impossible as we are carried through this magnificent and never ending, metaphysical symphony of despair, whose depth and sonic majesty eventually allows the surrendering listener to escape, and if only for an hour, from the myriad forces that keep this uni- or multiverse in its hinges.

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Release:  September 2011
Label:  Self Mutilation Services
Avantgenre:  A Recording Of Cosmically Scaled Despair
Duration:  56:24
Origin:  Germany
Official site:  None
Review online since:  19.02.2013 / 19:53:07


01 – Alpha Eri
02 – M20
03 – Gas Und Staub Zwischen Den Sternen
04 – Sternenstaub
05 – Verteilung Der Nebel Im Raum
06 – NGC 6611
07 – NGC 3242 (Ghost Of Jupiter)

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