Achenar “Super Death Explosion Kitties” (2011)

Disturbed technocratic metal distortion caught in a system malfunction. Not completely unrelated to ZWEIZZ’ stabby bizarrotronic headfucks; breakcore, drill&bass, IDM whatever – messed-up electronica vested in a metallic foundation; all sounds simulating metal riffs are born digital. And, which was weird for me, not shying away from humour. Perhaps not my cup of tea all the time, but the self-irony and distance is refreshing!

Surprising evolutions into almost symphonic territories on the last track (which makes up 1/4 of the release), worthy of Emperor or similar (the use of French horn brings many associations), but never leaving behind the utterly programmed and electronic spheres that are the bases of this little album. Massive harmonies, the only moment of breath in this cluster.

And it’s short too, merely 20 minutes, which is good since I probably wouldn’t be able to cope much longer. I mean, it’s good, but my tolerance level for these spastic programmed drums and all-digital riffs isn’t high enough to be able to enjoy more of it. But it’s still very nice this headfuck. And despite being almost completely computer-generated, it has a flow and feel to it that electronic music often seem to lack.



Release:  2011.04.05
Label:  Earthen Records
Avantgenre:  Super Death Explosion Metal
Duration:  20:40
Origin:  Scotland
Official site:
Review online since:  22.06.2011 / 19:05:27


1. Arise, Minions!
2. Vocal Opposition
3. The Enthralled
4. Liberation
5. Neon Storm
6. God Agog
7. Born Into Steam

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