Aberrant Vascular “Pelopia” (2007)

This is a three-piece suite EP, the latest effort from the Finnish band. Already at the inside cover, the band stages itself as “operatic avantgarde metal”, and this claim has a lot to do with both, subjective and objective truth: start from Vladimir Lumi’s vocals, which are pure opera and finish with the epic feeling hanging from the ethereal synths, giving a final result, a curtain of a mighty strangeness. Unfortunately, this strangeness, a world waiting to be deeply explored, ends within 15 minutes long. But I’m reaching the end too soon.

As stated before, three tracks are presented within good, but not superb, production. The first song called “Shto oni zasluzivat” (Russian anyone?) opens with a gentle stroke of synths, falling into somehow-weak guitar burst, which reminded me of the start of “Kinetic”, the opener of “The Sham Mirrors”. As I wondered about the source of this comparison (and the conclusion pointed to something regarding the distortion depth), Lumi’s voice comes forth, all might and glory, sounds so assure and decisive and blend uniquely with the electronic beats. Indeed, Lumi is a professional opera singer, an impressive tenor who provides the cachet for the band’s self definition. His vocals are lucid and strong, sometimes aching and whispering (there’s even some sort of blackish scream, style the late Michael Haas vocals) but mainly traveling easily and skillfully through scales and phrases. Tracing the vocals only is fascinating, for this is singing. He gives the EP almost the solemn touch of the elusive avantgarde seal. But yet again, there’s the music. The constructions are the eternal duel between guitars with average distortion and also the general place in the whole production and highly interesting and changing synths work, which claimed to be the musical highlight of this EP. The synths combine clear electronic influences (as they’ve heard best in the guitar-given sheath), classical piano flickering (another statement of the operatic attitude) and tiny electro samples, coming directly from the industrial world. They slide gently into one’s ear upgrading the songs a few levels. Therefore, another listening should be done carefully, giving those little “friends” the rightful attention.

Aside from few interesting riffs, the guitar work isn’t stirring. It absorb from some major genres, such as Doom, Black and even Heavy metal. And yet does not succeed to stand at it’s own as contra to the prominent synths and of course, as steady foundation to Lumi’s vocals, which swallows it all as a storm. The drumming also deserves attention and slides along with both electronic beats and human touch.

The best song in this EP is the second one, “Dorei”, which leaves the listener mesmerized, due to the combination between the synths and the vocals. They take the listener’s ears to somehow familiar journey, thanks to the heavy influences of Arcturus and The Kovenant. One might say that this EP is a mirror of the sham… However, after some listening, is becomes obvious that the band has much talent to withdraw those roots to places of their own. The last song, “Paradigme / quintessence”, sung in French and clearly in the veins of its ancestors – leading synths and guitar scratches under the dependable vocals conducting.

As said earlier, the trouble with this effort is that it’s over too soon. Once the listener had a glimpse inside this odd Finnish world, he’d like some more of digging in. When one regards that as another demo, it stands as a great ticket for the band, although I recommend strengthening the guitar department. In an overall look, Aberrant Vascular created an EP, that surely leaves taste for more, and this time, for a full album by this talented band.



Release:  2007
Label:  Self-released
Avantgenre:  Electro Ethereal Opera Metal
Duration:  14:55
Origin:  Finland
Official site:  http://www.aberrantvascular.com
Review online since:  18.08.2007 / 22:30:11


I: Shto Oni Zasluzivat
II: Dorei
III: Paradigme/Quintessence

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