Way to End “Desecrated Internal Journey” (2009)

On paper, Desecrated Internal Journey doesn’t look like much. First release from a French band with your average black metal band member pseudonyms released by a label specialising in lo-fi extreme BM albums. The more sharp of our site’s members will have undoubtedly deduced that in order to appear on this illustrious web-page, there must be more to this debut than it gives away at first glance. Those members have earned themselves three cookies each*, well done!

In actual fact, Way To End play a dissonant, chaotic and atmospheric brand of mid-paced hi-fi black metal. After a sporadic saloon-piano introductory track backed by some creepy ambience, “A Step into the Void” slams down the album’s accelerator pedal and sends it screaming, headlong down the tumultuous roads ahead with the listener pulled along by their collar.

If you’ll excuse the extended metaphor – as I was dragged down these angular avenues, scenes of horror and surreality unfolded in-front of my eyes. Time-signatures are strapped to surgery tables all around, masterfully morphed into something completely different by grotesque spectres poised over their bodies. Tonality is butchered by unwavering black-hooded figures and armies of creatures march alongside us to the virtuosic and unpredictable beat of unseen drums. Although I am familiar with similar scenes painted by other artists, I notice something which sets this trip apart from others; a voluminous, crisp and impressive bass guitar sitting well forward in the mix of screaming sounds.

The dissonance and thick atmosphere is tastefully punctured at points by melodic riffs, granting a great depth to the release. Glimpses of beauty are shown at multiple points, most obviously in the unexpected conclusion; featuring subtle acoustic guitar playing with the sounds of rain leading into a sombre and harmonious end to the album.

Desecrated Internal Journey is a stunning and deceptively mature debut from a band who could have a successful future if they continue to craft works of this calibre. Greatly recommended to anyone with ears to listen.

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Simon Brand


Release:  2009
Label:  Debemur Morti Productions
Avantgenre:  Artistic Chaos Metal
Duration:  38:10
Origin:  France
Official site:  http://www.myspace.com/waytoendmetal
Review online since:  21.07.2010 / 12:29:12


01 – Facing the Abyss
02 – A Step into the Void
03 – At the Threshold
04 – The Worm
05 – Unconscious Evocation of a Neverending Search
06 – The Sore of Creation
07 – No Dreams

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