Voivod “Katorz” (2006)

10 hanekian fragments of being without Voivod.

No backgroundmusic unless mentioned.
No cameramovement whatsoever unless mentioned.

Scene 1, 3:58: Boy sits on desk in front of pc, occasionally uses the keyboard, most of the time works with mouse. Screen is not directly seen. Credits are shown between 2:30 and 3:01

Scene 2, 4:06: Boy stands in front of mirror in bathroom, sound of rinsing water.

Scene 3, 4:16: Camera shows corridor. Distant noises of unknown origin come from the only room where the door is open.

Scene 4, 4:44: Closeup of boy waiting for a bus. Most of the times he looks left, never looks directly into camera.

Scene 5, 4:50: Boy sits in kitchen, eats a bread while reading the newspaper. The radio plays news [in German, report on EU-fundings for Africa].

Scene 6, 4:41: Boy sits on desk in front of pc, seems to play Counterstrike (noise of shooting, occasionally gentle swearing)

Scene 7, 3:18: Boy sits on bed in his blue pyjamas, stares at pillow. Sets alarm clock between 3:05 and 3:11

Scene 8, 5:06: Boy sits in kitchen, drinks coffee, again the radio plays news [general news, soccer world cup in Germany and weather forecast for Austria/Styria], at 3:32 boy switches off radio, puts the mug into the dishwasher and leaves, for 27 seconds one can see the empty kitchen table and noises of him leaving the flat.

Scene 9, 4:48: In a CD-alley in a crowded shop, several metalheads move by, boy looks through CDs [this is a Voivod review, so one can safely assume he goes through “V”], He leaves the scene at 3:30 with two CDs.

Scene 10, 5:08: Boy sits on desk in front of pc, assumingly listening to the CD via his headphones (with a microphone). 4:13: Stands up, leaves the room, while headphones blur on.

Jonny Lignano


Release:  2006
Label:  Nuclear Blast/Warner
Avantgenre:  Grey Metal
Duration:  79 288 140 Bytes
Origin:  Canada
Official site: http://www.voivod.net/
Review online since:  01.01.2008 / 10:14:01


01 – The Getaway
02 – Dognation
03 – Mr. Clean
04 – After All
05 – Odds & Frauds
06 – Red My Mind
07 – Silly Clones
08 – No Angel
09 – The X-Stream
10 – Polaroids

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