Unhealthy Dreams “Doloris Corpus” (2007)

Wow!…..no, not “World of warcraft”, but a real “wow!”. Before I write anything about the “Body of pain” (Latin. doloris corpus) one has to be aware that France started giving us quite a lot of great and weird bands (the invisible giants- Deathspell Omega, Smohalla, the growing audible chaos, and some that yet have to be discovered like Dreams of the Drowned). Unhealthy Dreams is one of the most brutal deities of the fast rising scene. The band creates the pain of modern humanity through their chaotic music. When you take a look at the cover of “Doloris Corpus” you can expect somekind of a chaotic industrial mania, but when you put it into the stereo, it will just hit you in the face, you won’t see it coming! Why?!

The production is very clear, but nevertheless the audible mayhem is colossal, ranging from the bass lines up to every electronic squeak. The tracks tend to be very fast, but they are often broken apart by some pure electronical passages, the second track even features a charming flute. The contrast is interesting as the electronical parts are sometimes quite calming, while the rest of the music is very fast and nervous, one could compare this with a behavior of a person suddenly struck with waves of dementia. Just like the instrumental parts the vocals vary very much, from an ofu-khanish style in the beginning to a more high pitched black screaming style. I am not sure if this is my impression but somehow the album tends to get more and more electronical as it is closer to it’s end. The vicious and nervous guitars become more steady, but not softer, don’t worry. Electronica and the samples used on “Wolves torment” is purely great, the track being filled with distorted beats and raw industrial samples.

The atmosphere of the whole album is very cold, razor-sharp and solid. This is an example of a great industrial production (or destruction) and mastering, not being too loud so one can absorb all of the elements, and not being to noisy as Red Harvest sometimes manages to be. Nevertheless this is one of the best surprises in the industrialized sphere of our weird music this year. I hope Unhealthy Dreams shall get all the attention a promising band like that disserves. Now I recommend that you get lost in this swirl of pain you can hear on “Corpus Doloris”…..get lost…….



Release:  2007
Label:  Selfreleased
Avantgenre:  Synthetic Industrial Mayhem
Duration:  20 Min
Origin:  France
Official site:  http://www.unhealthy-dreams.com
Review online since:  10.11.2007 / 14:33:34


01 – Human’s Decay
02 – Le Sacrilege Intime
03 – Cruel Hysteria
04 – Wolves Torment
05 – Doloris Corpus

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