Ulver “War of the Roses” (2011)

“I was supposed to meet her tonight”, Beth said.

We were in the lounge room of a high class hotel, I can’t remember in which city, exactly.

“I was supposed to meet her tonight”, she said, again.

I was definitely more anxious for that meeting than she was.

Then, suddenly, her cellphone rang.

Beth answered, and by the way she got up and walked away from me while talking on the phone, I could clearly tell from whom the call was.

She came back, after a few minutes, and told me: “Donna. She’s coming.”


As I wandered back and forth through the hotel’s labyrinthine hallways, they were supposedly talking about me.

I can’t really tell how much time I spent walking around, before accidentally finding myself in front of my suite. As I entered the room, the intercom rang.


Donna was being supported by a porter, down the hotel’s entrance hall, fallen prey to a swoon.

The guy was talking at the phone, while holding her with the other arm.

I stared at the scene, without moving a limb, before she definitely lost her senses.

I ran at her and carried her in my arms right before she could fall to her knees, too heavy to be absently supported by the porter.

I heard a voice asking me: “Should we call an ambulance, sir?”.
No, I said. She would have got over it. For sure, I said.

Completely lost into panic, I start calling her name, holding up her head, while she started coughing.

Then she slightly opened her eyes, and told me: “I’m bleeding.”

I couldn’t see any blood. Then she closed her eyes again.

“Someone call an ambulance!”, I screamed.


Donna’s body was laying right at the entrance of the hotel’s own theatre, completely deserted.

Her eyes wide open. Dead.

I was walking away from her, heading fiercely to the stage.

When on it, I started directing the orchestra.

“In the pillory, life’s a stage.”

(Based on a really dreamed dream.)

-Marco Guerra Avitabile


Release:  2011
Label:  Jester Records
Avantgenre:  Dramatic Music For Labyrinthine Minded Lovers
Duration:  45:29
Origin:  Norway
Official site:  http://www.myspace.com/ulver1
Review online since:  29.07.2011 / 19:37:01


01 – February MMX
02 – Norwegian Gothic
03 – Providence
04 – September IV
05 – England
06 – Island
07 – Stone Angels

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