The Dillinger Escape Plan “The Dillinger Escape Plane EP (1997)

Guitars and Flangers are great. Beginning one’s review with a sentence like “Guitars and Flangers are great” is also great. The greatness would soon diminish if I continued citing the previous sentence in the following sentence and it would seriously harm the idea of reviewing an album. Especially such a great piece of contemporary music that is currently playing in my foobar-player and has been downloaded legally off the interweb for backup-purposes.

The six songs pretty much sound the same when listened to with one ear but enormously grow when the number of ears is increased. The song lengths range from one minute and three seconds to three minutes and twelve seconds and totals in fifteen minutes and twenty one seconds. Time that is spent well when using both organs. Using not only the ears but also the eyes and the brain (“Brains!!!!”) as well, this is what I saw when I re-viewed the 6 songs (from left to right):

Dillinger Escape Plan uber alles.

– Jonny Lignano


Release:  1997
Label:  Now Or Never
Avantgenre:  Gorgeoustrophic Melodic Analie
Duration:  15:21
Origin:  USoA
Official site:
Review online since:  27.07.2007 / 09:13:37


01 – Proceed With Caution
02 – I Love Secret Agents
03 – Monticello
04 – Cleopatra’s Sling
05 – Caffeine
06 – Three For Flinching (Revenge Of The Porno Clowns)

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