The Devin Townsend Project “Ghost” (2011)

The cool cover of the album tells is already. This is not metal, this should not be metal. Compared to its twin album “Deconstruction”, this is a fine rock album with guitar ballads that you can listen with your dear mama. I seriously don’t know what got into Townsend to write this – he is not even 40 yet. I am sorry ladies and gentlemen, here I present you the lamest album of DT.

To begin with, synts and fxs drive me crazy – the way he used them in a new age bullshit way drives me even more crazy. Granted, this album is meant to be the opposite of “Deconstruction” perhaps. Yet, it is our natural right to expect some musick, some energizing tunes, and some originality. To me, “Ghost” fails to provide them. Moreover, I just hope that the “Ghost” in the title, is not the holy one.

– Can Baskent


Release:  2011
Label:  HevyDevy Records
Avantgenre:  New Age Metal
Duration:  72:45
Origin:  Canada
Official site:
Review online since:  05.06.2011 / 16:18:38


01 – Fly
02 – Heart Baby
03 – Feather
04 – Kawaii
05 – Ghost
06 – Blackberry
07 – Monsoon
08 – Dark Matters
09 – Texada
10 – Seams
11 – Infinite Ocean
12 – As You Were

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