Stolen Babies “There Be Squabbles Ahead” (2007)

Mixing so many different styles and influences (Dark Cabaret, Metal, Rock, Goth, Circus Music to name a few), it’s very hard to classify Stolen Babies’ music. They’re absolutly avantgarde, they’re part metal, part rock, though nevertheless they are outstanding compared to other avantgarde metal bands you might know. The music features a female singer, Dominique Persi, but don’t you dare think that means you’re going to hear ethereal, operatic, soprano singing/crying, no, no. That girl can sing as hell and scream like a monster. Her voice is rather deep, but very catchy and often aggressive. She’s even often praised for her diverse vocal work. Certainly, they don’t create the type of music a total metal weirdo would listen to, but they definetly reach their self-set goal which is to create music that everybody can dance, stumble and fall down on their knees to. So if you search for an accordion driven metal act with polka twists and amazingly strange lyrics inspired by childhood stories, you’ll surely find yourself wanting to hug this band billionth times.

-Kevin Reichel


Release:  2007
Label:  The End Records
Avantgenre:  Prog-Pop-Cabaret-Thrash-Quirky-Goth-Rock-Metal
Duration:  49:14
Origin:  US
Official site:
Review online since:  13.09.2009 / 23:40:46


01 – Spill
02 – Awful Fall
03 – Filistata
04 – A Year Of Judges
05 – So Close
06 – Tablescrap
07 – Swint? Or Slude?
08 – Mind Your Eyes
09 – Lifeless
10 – Tall Tales
11 – Push Button
12 – Gathering Fingers
13 – The Button Has Been Pushed

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