Sigh “Gallows Gallery” (2005)

Review’s Syllabus: If this review were a tree, I’d use a knife and cut ‘Love you’ into it.

I have this theory that when listening to music you’ve never heard before the things that happened in your life within the last three days decide whether you like it or not. So for reviewing this album I did not leave my bed for three consecutive days, switched off my pc and my phone, smoked four packs of Benson & Hedges, drank water only and had all in all five and a half rolls of Pringles (Sour cream & Onion).

Now I am sitting (naked and hungry) in front of my PC and listen to ‘Gallows Gallery’ for the first time. Ever. Actually it is also the first time for me reviewing an album naked, sigh. This album has its own character, who is 35 years old, wanders around naked and likes fish. The harmonies are set to arrange his behaviour and the signals he gets from his outer world into a great cacophony of trust. Or mistrust. He is working in a factory that produces flags from bands that teenagers like to hang from their walls (the flags, not the bands) and can be ordered via the internet. He hates his job but likes the money he does not spend but eat. So he is sick very often and this makes him even sicker.

When one gets older, it is said (and sad) that one gets wiser. If this is true, the average age of the Sigh-members would be somewhere between 216 and 218 years.

-Jonny Lignano


Release:  2005
Label:  Baphomet, Candelight, Seasons Of Mist
Avantgenre:  Post-bladerunnian Pre-genre Pop
Duration:  45:38
Origin:  Japan
Official site:
Review online since:  10.08.2007 / 08:45:57


01 – Pale Monument
02 – In A Drowse
03 – The Enlightenment Day
04 – Confession To Be Buried
05 – The Tranquilizer Song
06 – Midnight Sun
07 – Silver Universe
08 – Gavotte Grim
09 – Messiahplan
10 – (Untitled)
11 – The Tranqilizer Song (David Harrow Mix)

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