Ram-Zet “Pure Therapy” (2000)

Fat rhythmic guitar riffs in the typical Nu Metal style, powerful mid-tempo drums, guttural vocals, spiced with keyboards and elektro sounds – Is this Ram-Mstein? No, it’s the debut-album of Ram-Zet. At the first listening I got very annoyed. Around the year 2000 there have been so many bands trying to create a very modern millenium-sound, mixing the popular Rammstein-guitars with futuristic elements. Ram-Zet seemed to be another of those bands with big, modernistic production and little new ideas. So I immediately fell asleep.

But when I woke up I found myself in a sparkling world. Trivial riffs and fat production are just the commercial foreground of “Pure Therapy”. As soon as their winsome rhythms and melodies have catched your ears they start to mutate. The rhythms get complex and winded. The melodies get exotic, sometimes dissonant, sometimes oriental. One of the biggest strengths of Ram-Zet are the elaborate arrangements. Driving headbanger riffs are joined by slow violins and sweet angel voices. Peculiar weird themes melt into catchy tunes. Dramatic and bombastic parts flow into peaceful ambient-scapes. Everything is very varied and colorful. And it fits perfectly together. Ram-Zet have their unique style somewhere between Industrial, Gothic-Wave, Alternative and tons of all kinds of Metal. They are one of the very few bands, that are catchy and commercial, but also avantgardistic and innovative at the same time.



Release:  2000
Label:  Spikefarm Records
Avantgenre:  Black Industrial Gothic Nu Metal
Duration:  50:24
Origin:  Norway
Official site:  http://www.ram-zet.com
Review online since:  01.07.2007 / 09:17:23


01. The Fall
02. King
03. For The Sake Of Mankind
04. Eternal Voice
05. No Peace
06. Kill My Thoughts
07. Sense

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