Pryapisme “Hyperblast Super Collider” (2013)

If you felt that last year’s lauded STAGNANT WATERS debut was a bit too slow, predictable, uneventful and monochrome, this might be your lucky day. PRYAPISME, which is the main project of percussionist/clarinetist/electronician Aymeric Thomas of aforementioned Waters, are back with their second album, three years after Rococo Holocaust. If you remember that album – maybe even enjoyed it – you should be aware of what awaits on the aptly titled Hyperblast Super Collider. If not, let me break it down to you.

First and foremost, there is a lot going on here. A lot. Pryapisme is eclecticism made sound, surfing calmly and effortlessly among the throngs of colliding and collapsing genres and styles these three musicians command completely (Thomas sided by keyboardist Ban Bardiaux and string-wielder Nicolas Sénac). You’ll find just about anything from wobbling dubstep and classic NES music to blasting black metal and symphonic rock, all amalgamated by a steady (and crazy!) foundation of an over-the-top, top-notch avant-jazz/rock/metal flurry. Which is of course not the most solid and comprehensive musical style available; bearing in many ways on the older French jazz/rock vanguard, like Dün, Art Zoyd, Weidorje/Paga Group, and of course Magma – spaced out, mellifluous and completely astonishing music by incredibly talented musicians (both technically and artistically).

As mentioned, a lot is going on in Pryapisme’s music, and at early stages of listening it seems there hasn’t been much thought or effort into the actual musical narratives or structures at all when this album was created. But despite incoherence and chaos (though it’s not very dissonant or noisy) that greets the listener at first, you soon realize that, OK it is pretty incoherent, but it has a great solidity behind it. Even though you have absolutely no idea what will come next, how the songs will twist and turn – even after the tenth time listening – it doesn’t matter. The immediacy of the actual musical material, the lovely melodies, the captivating timbres and rhythms, the furious and relentless energy and power of the performances, topples the listener completely, forces you to surrender and simply drags you along for the ride. Because it’s a weird, fun and thoroughly brilliant ride, that you do not want to miss.

There isn’t much more to say, really: it’s the avantgarde metal album of the year, in the truest definition of the genre – Pryapisme are beyond.



Release:  2013
Label:  Apathia
Avantgenre:  Caleidoscope Avant-Metal
Duration:  Several Minutes
Origin:  France
Official site:  http://
Review online since:  04.04.2013 / 19:34:07


1. Un Druide Est Giboyeux Lorsqu’il Se Prend Pour Un Neutrino
2. Bouding Blacn Et Blanc Boudin
3. Random Jean Vigo
4. La Notion De Chiralité De Spin Et D’oscillation De Saveur Des Particules Supersymetriques Définissant Un Champ Scalaire Lors D’une Transition De Conifold En Cosmologie Branaire Dans Un Modèle Ekpyrotique
5. Lesbian Bordello
6. J’ai Envie De Te Claquer
7. Cochenille, Membrane Et Volcanologie
8. Jon-bon-jon-boutros-boutros-boutros-bovi-miou-miou
9. Je Suis. Venu, J’ai Vu, J’ai Sagouinu
10. La Nuit Sur Le Mont-chauvelu (Mussorgsky Cover)

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