Emphasis “Elements of Morrow” (2007)

Not avant-garde in the sense of groundbreaking sound architecture, but so spontaneous when approaching their music, a psychedelic and experimental manner packed in a post-metal sound. The music is calm, but screaming from the inside, screaming because of the fear what will the future bring….the music itself is played from the future; seconds before we know it, these simple sounds exist eternally, they are the part of yesterday and the sound of “now”, they are the “Elements of Morrow”

Free from lyrical intervention the music itself becomes the media through which the artist yearns to contact or common consciousness, and really the music is both individual and universal, it’s a form of art given to you to finish, there may be millions of sounds like this in the universe, each finished form will be completely different.

I almost forgot how a purely instrumental expression can be strong. The only intervention of human voice are spoken samples on the opening of the album and on the final track. The music ranges from some quiet ambient parts often enriched by guitar reverb and electronic samples. Even though the dynamics of these passages is somewhat lower, they remain as expressive and energetic as the rest of the recordings. Tranquility and anxiety are the two keywords of this recording, the harmony between the “calm” and “disturbing” parts can be compared with waves of paranoia when dreaming, like some foreign voices and noises you hear when sleeping but you just can’t wake up. “Elements of Morrow” has a nocturnal aspect, not the romantic one of twilight and storm, but the nocturne of a modern surrounding, the burning pain of neon lights, empty hallways in the underground, dimly lit parks, and a few unknown people walking away….

The instrumentation is simple but strong, some keys and electronics occasionally turn up to enrich the atmosphere along with the mentioned reverb sound of the guitars. A great surprise is a very simple but effective drumming. Everything was played in order to emphasize the atmosphere of the music, not to turn your attention to the playing itself, that’s why it is difficult to describe such a record only with words. Can there be a drawback on this record?! Well maybe the bass is a bit too silent in the mix, it’s sound is dim so the drawback is maybe just my imagination, because the production of the record is clear and almost perfect.

If you prefer calming music, if you prefer a music you can shape after your own will, this record will bring in a great new palette of psychedelic and melancholy to your sences….shape it after your own will….

“Like we are masters of our world making shapes that we prefer”



Release:  2007
Label:  KU – RAC
Avantgenre:  Neon-nocturnal Post Metal Dream Machine
Duration:  32:49
Origin:  Croatia
Official site:  http://www.myspace.com/emphasiscro
Review online since:  12.01.2008 / 13:35:36


01 – Wellbeing Invention For The Ruin
02 – Internal Alterations
03 – Devious Lapse
04 – Before Assumption
05 – Elements Of Morrow

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