Deathspell Omega “Kénôse” (2005)

This appendix to -04’s monumental Si Monumentum Requires, Circumspice (SMRC) opens with a melodic foreboding preface… whispers haunting… Climactic angel choirs, the trumpets call and the gates open. I nearly ejaculate on an inverted crucifix. Out from the pits of hell bursts the most intense riffage I can recall, a havoc unseen is wrecked upon the trinity blasting me through the walls of this blasphemed church I suddenly find myself within. Outstretched basslines rumble beneath angular guitar (dis)chords; harmonic melodies fall into dissonant noises. Sulphuric blastbeats akin to Swedish monsters like Marduk and Dark Funeral (yet a thousand times as evil and literate) fall into groovy breakdowns and rockbeats and odd twists and abrupt turnings… Chaos reigns still supreme, all in the name of the Great Corruptor, yet even more innovative and complex than SMRC.

They nearly fall into the pit of loosing themselves in their complexity some times to many, and some of the editing could have been made smoother, but that is all negativity I raise at this beast. DsO have found their Lord, and with a compelling musicality like this, I am willing to follow them anywhere His Horns shine.

The astounding lyrics is a theological debate on the nature of God and Satan. As poetical as theoretical, you can enjoy the words without the aid of music. However, you might need to read the Bible thrice and acquire a Bachelor’s Degree in Judeochristian philosophy, to understand them thoroughly. This appendix deals with, I believe, the theory that Jesus was not Christ, forsaking his divinity in Bethlehem, never being resurrected, crumbling the main pillar of Christian belief.

The booklet of Kénôse is extraordinary, by the way. A total of 40 pages, with multilingual and biblical qoutes, and the strangest artwork; amorphous fleshlike shapes, skeletal figures forming sickening bodyparts; a mockery of God’s creations. The vinyl version must be seen.

All in all, I do not consider myself overzealous when dubbing the ever so obscure Deathspell as the future shape of Black Metal, a genre bound to reach its full potential. Consummatum est? Not yet.

[From the Oxford Concise Dictionary of World Religions:

Kenosis, kenotic theories. In Christian theology, formulas which seek to explain the incarnation in terms of Christ’s self-’emptying’ (Gk. kenosis). The starting-point is Philippinians 2. 5-11. Kenotic christiologies first appeared at the Reformation, but became current in the 19th cent. as a way of understanding how Jesus could have shared the limitations of human beings while remaining the omniscient, omnipotent Son of God.]



Release:  2005
Label:  Norma Evangeli Diaboli
Avantgenre:  Intellectual Progressive Black Metal
Duration:  36:19
Origin:  France
Official site:  None
Review online since:  30.06.2007 / 23:08:15


(Note: The Three Tracks Are Unnamed, The Quotes Being Summaries Of The Words Corresponding To Each Song.)

I: “Everything, Except GOD, Has In It Some Measure Of Privation, Thus All Individuals May Be Graded According To The Degree To Which They Are Infected With Mere Potentiality.”

II: “Therefore, GOD Honours The Sword So Highly That He Calls It His Own Ordinance, And Will Not Have Men Say Or Imagine That They Have Invented It Or Instituted It.”

III: “The Stillness Of Contemplation Is Allowed In Billions Of Woeful Cries, So Astonishingly Simultaneous And In Unison, Each And Every Second, They Defuse Each Other In Such A Perfect Manner, Equalling The Most Inscrutable Of All Silences.”

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