Converge “Petitioning the Empty Sky” (1997)

Running in narrow alleys, crossing lanes, crawling hanging sheets from balconies.
Like two bullets shot at high speed, I was running like hell, and she was right behind me.
Like pursues from the movies. She dashed in chase of me at first sight.

I was sweating and breathless, losing sensibility in my feet and legs, while she just seemed unstoppable.
At the first chance I had, I just climbed a gutter pipe up to a balcony, then to a roof, hoping not to be seen.
From the top of the old, ruined building, I checked for her presence, looking around furiously – she disappeared.

I got down again, circumspect, walking back slowly, to a safe place.
The city seemed to be deserted and too quiet for its standards.
Then, suddenly, swarms of women with her same face, body and voice, appeared simultaneously behind every corner.

“You’d been such an asshole.”
“You’d been such a bad guy.”
“You’d been such a pain in the neck.”
“You’d been such a trouble for us all.”

I could appeal to no one, I couldn’t prove them wrong.
There are places in time where you can’t just do anything but surrender.
Eventually finding yourself petitioning the empty sky.

And you can’t prove Converge wrong. So sorry for you, shit happens.

-Marco Guerra Avitabile


Release:  1997*
Label:  Ferret Music
Avantgenre:  Absolutely Right-core
Duration:  47:30
Origin:  USA
Official site:
Review online since:  23.09.2010 / 22:26:20


01 – The Saddest Day
02 – Forsaken
03 – Albatross
04 – Dead
05 – Shingles
06 – Buried But Breathing
07 – Farewell Note To This City
08 – Color Me Blood Red
09 – For You (Live)
10 – Antithesis (Live)
11 – Homesong (Live)
12 – Love As Arson (Alternative Version)

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