Chrome Hoof “Crush Depth” (2010)

For this never seen before review, I was joined by the grand, grand, little grandchild of the late Aleister Crowley, an underground magus and post-mentalist who goes by the name of Sir Julius Henry Crowley. He told me he had been given at birth the power to, quote, “see through Musick” – whatever this means. To tell you the truth, I’ve known Chrome Hoof since the Pre-Emptive period, but was never fully able to find the right words to describe this Outcast Outfit. They’re playing by standards they have invented out of the blue. So when Sir Julius Henry Crowley offered me such an unprecedented opportunity to get my AGM reviewer’s work done with the help of Crowleyan magick, don’t ask me why, I said yes right away. I couldn’t resist, so to speak. Therefore while the album was playing, Sir Julius Henry Crowley visited some other plane or some outer channel of perception of consciousness, and he came back with these written words, which he claims to have heard from worlds beyond. I haven’t changed anything to the originals – the way I got it is the way you will read it. So like it or not, that’s up to you, but the value of this review lies elsewhere. Thanks for reading.


Leo Smee (from Cathedral and Miasma & the Carousel of Headless Horses) formed Chrome Hoof with his drummer bro Leo Smee – and the duo expanded to more or less a dozen performers.

The musick proceeds from bass, guitar, synthesizer, percussion, bassoon, saxophone, cello, drum, piano, rhodes, organ, trumpet, violin, viola and much female vocals and sprightliness.

Chrome Hoof takes the Post-rock, Elecktro distorted-RIO phat b-ass complex riffing and organically heart-crosses it with dark alien-sympho space Metal.

Crush Depth is perhaps, we say, less Discko-oriented and more psi-Operatick in lenght than Pre-Emptive False Rapture, its wondrous predecessor.

What does that mean? Well, it’s catchier, dancier, with more layers of biospheric lasers inside the molecular sounds – and more uproarious dreams to revel in.

More like a stupendous, monsterlike struckture – we would say – and yet, so delicately assembled – kick ass and sensuous.

The Funk Groove has subjectively and objectively not been left anywhere behind.

En effet, Funk Groove is what contradistinguishes this Rock/Metal Orchestra from most other Rock/Metal bands alive and dead.

They’re Funk-y-Cool-y à la Disckothèque – though altered into an Occult Thrash dancing slushpit.

Now and then, seventies Psyche-Prog and Kosmisch escapades are also introduced among the album’s Astrodelick concoctions.

Of great importance, this experiMetal Ensemble stands not so far away from the teachings of Sun Ra’s intergalactic traveling through sound.

We’re reminded of Luke Vibert’s MOVE YOUR MIND MOVE YOUR FEET pro-Beat campaign.

By all means, it’s broader in scope than Voodoo Rock/Metal and looking further over Elecktro Space Funk – visibly concealed altogether.

Our last words shall be:

Vote against Chrome Division.

Vote for Chrome Hoof!


-Oliver Side


Release:  2010
Label:  Southern Records
Avantgenre:  Astrodelick Funk Metal
Duration:  59:08
Origin:  USoA
Official site:
Review online since:  19.06.2010 / 08:01:54


01 – Core Delusion
02 – Crystalline
03 – One Day
04 – Labyrinth
05 – Sea Hornet
06 – Mental Peptides
07 – Bunkers Paradise
08 – Towards Zero
09 – Witches Instruments And Furnaces
10 – Third Sun Descendent
11 – Deadly Pressure
12 – Vapourise (Instrumental)
13 – Anorexic Cyclops

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