Callisto “Noir” (2006)

If gave each song a number, please find them in the brackets below where the song list resides. If one adds them all up the sum is 282.724. This sum says pretty much everything one can say about this album. Numberwise. I find it pretty (but pretty nevertheless) boring, the electric guitars are well like everything one has already heard before, the singer sounds like something I reviewed 416 days ago and the band’s name reminds me of some Californian post-Nirvana-Grohl-stuff. If all bands in the world would sound like Callisto I would stop listening to music and go fishing instead. Talking about the ocean: this is the kind of stuff the nameless coal-shippers on the Love Boat [nfo] listen to. If Lee Oswald Harvey Lee Oswald had an Ipod, this would have been on it.

There is this theory that the longer you look at something the more beauty you find in it. For testing purpose I took song number five and constantly listened to the part between 1:48 and 1:52 to find some beauty. For your listening enjoyment, i sampled those four seconds to a gorgeous 10 minutes clip >here<. Boys and girls, please find the beauty yourself.

-Jonny Lignano


Release:  2006
Label:  Fullsteam Records
Avantgenre:  Rock
Duration:  53:44
Origin:  Finland
Official site:
Review online since:  10.08.2007 / 12:44:58


01 – Wormwood [22.435]
02 – Latterday Saints [40.303]
03 – The Fugitive [16.217]
04 – Backwoods [36.249]
05 – A Close Encounter [148.152]
06 – Pathos [916]
07 – Folkslave [16.443]
08 – Woven Hands [2.009]

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