Aryos “Le Paroxysme” (1999)

The three songs with an average length of (4:16 + 3:11 + 4:19)/3 = 11:46/3 = 3,82 are lead by a gremlinesque singer and other instruments. The essence of the album can be heard when listening to the three seconds of song number 2 from 1:45 to 1:48 which you can grab here sample 1 [<- clickedyclick!].

There are the standard guitars that shred in the background, a tone of a maltreated hawaiian guitar and vocals from hell. 

Figure 1 shows you how the sample looks like in my audacity [some audiosoftware], please note the inner lighter blue part, which I marked with a red circle. This piece looks pretty much like the Frau Hitt (a mountainformation one can see when standing in Innsbruck/Austria, see Figure 2). Coincidence?

For further research/listening purposes I wholeheartedly suggest listening to the sample backwards: sample 2[<- clickedyclick!] – the guitars and the drums sound the same, the hawaiian effect changes to some 80ies horror flick soundfx and the singer seems to suggest one has to obey the devil. And gone is Frau Hitt. !nuf evaH

-Jonny Lignano 


Release:  1999
Label:  Strange Conviction
Avantgenre:  Springtime For Frau Hitt
Duration:  11:46
Origin:  Frenchland
Official site:
Review online since:  14.07.2007 / 21:47:20


01 – Le Paroxysme
02 – Le Silence Des Cimetières
03 – Musique Diable

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